Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peculiar 'Photogenic' Kenyans

I was listening to the radio when a popular afternoon presenter caught my ear. She was furious over a piece written by European about his experience with Kenyans at large. I felt her because as a Kenyan I was contrary to the experience. Kenya people are very diverse. Kenyans are friendly and relaxed people, who seem to enjoy everyday life. They are never too busy to make time for you, and little crowds gather in no time if something extraordinary is happening.

Thats why with a camera I've been able to photograph different Kenyans in different situation or places without any charge. If this is no act of being friendly, then what is? Its like Kenyans are proudly photogenic, never miss an opportunity to show off our beauty. From a Masaai woman in Lake Magadi to a group of boys in the Kibera neighbourhood. From a Turgen elder in Bogoria to the Luo fish seller in Ahero. Peculiar Kenyans and their beauty.


  1. Great shots, I envy people with confidence to take shots of ordinary people, I'm ussually to shy to bother people with my camera

  2. Thanks! Am a good conversation starter with the locals, made it much easier to take the shots. Sad bit was the masaai lady in Magadi. Due to the effects of tourists I had to pay for that shot.

  3. Yeah, u pay and we learn from your story!

  4. Japhet long time... whats your blog by the way?